Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dealing With Mental Illness by Jennifer Horne

It has been a long and trying road for me since 1999. I notice a change in my behavior in 1998; this is when I believe that I begin dealing with Mental Illness.  I was working at the bank at the time.  I started seeing black snakes, and it did not stop there, I thought my co-workers were against me. 

These delusions and thoughts went on for months and I just couldn't take it anymore. I wrote a letter to my boss saying that I wanted to resign.  I thought it was the best decision for me because the stress of dealing with people became overwhelming and I wasn't happy in the state I was in. 

After I resigned from my job, my life went downhill from there.  When you're dealing with mental illness you see things that are not there. You hear voices of people talking in your head that are not present. And you think that people are against you, who aren't thinking about you on that level. I didn't know this at the time; it was the state of mind I was in. 
And the pressure of carrying my third child didn't help my stress level any.

Thankfully, family and friends began to notice the change in my behavior because I became with drawn and normally I'm friendly and bubbly. I tried to run away from the voices and pressures of life by packing up my kids, getting in my car and driving just to find some peace of mind. And I did this with only twenty dollars in my pocket. This let you know how irrational I was at the time. I drove until I ran out of gas. It took my family to rescue me. This behavior was a result of my undiagnosed mental illness.

Thankfully, my family got me the help that I needed. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, Depressive type- Unspecified. As longs as I take my medicine life becomes bearable. I'm sharing my story because many women are dealing with mental illness and they have not yet been diagnosis. If you are feeling strange, hearing voices, seeing things that are not there, and your reality as you know it, is off, please seek professional help. It's all right and know that you are not alone. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

                          'Women Helping Women'

Mending Hearts Newsletter is for all women. It's about 'Women Helping Women'. We all have something that we've been through that could help another young lady/women along their life's journey that could aid them in avoiding hitting the brick wall. If your interested in sharing a piece of yourself to help another, please email me at ( We, women are placed on this earth not to be a stone to ourselves but to build walls with the stones that we carry. We are our Sister's Keeper!  

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cargo Inside Of You 'Women' by Veronica Smith

Women, God has styled you and revealed you as a Merchant ship. It is a vessel that transports cargo from one destination to another. 

               "Women, you have precious cargo inside of you placed by God."

As women we carry heavy burdens, care's of this world, issues of life, and all sorts of baggage and will continue along your life journey.  But thank God for the Cable ship, which represents God, whom loves you and He brings times of refreshing in all of our lives. He allows good things to happen to us and open doors of opportunity when we feel that all hope has been lost.

The cable ship carries cargo or material. It is designed for the task of making repairs. It is equipped with cranes and other mechanisms with the ability to load and unload heavy burdens which are the issues of life. It repairs women when the cares of life has torn them down.

Women, we all go through things so that we can help one another, women/girls that are coming up behind us, to show them that whatever life throws them that they don't have to fold or throw in the towel.

Women, you don't have to buckle under the pressure. God has built you strong for every task that you may have to encounter in your life. Please know that He will never give you what you can't handle.

I encourage you to know your worth and your value, to yourself and to God. He has made each of us different, possessing different qualities and attributes but at the same time we are merchant ships carrying precious cargo and we can’t get stuck, distorted or distracted and abort the investment God has placed in us.

You have to be strong for your daughters, sisters, nieces and friends because they are looking to you for strength and encouragement. 

             "In the day and time that we are living in, you have to be strong."

God wants us to allow him to pull out the commodities placed in us to win our young women that have gone astray or lost their way from lack of love and guidance. Women, you as the merchant ship must compel our young ladies/women to do better and set them on the right path. They are looking to you. So, I encourage you to be the crane that pulls our ladies/girls out of the ditch or pain and despair that they are experiencing for whatever the cause so that they can have healthy and fulfilled lives. For they have cargo inside of them that is very precious and it may take you to pull that out of them or to help them see the gifts and virtues within themselves.

                                      "We Are...Our Sister's Keeper"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

"When you love yourself, you don't focus on who don't love you. Self-love is very important. When you love you, there is no need to impress others. And when you love you, you can love others freely, despite the hate coming from them. This comes when you love you, totally, flaws and all. It's time to love all of you, if you don't who will other than God?" -Regina Weston

Thursday, September 10, 2015

MH Blog Looking 4 Luv In The Wrong Places and Ways

Topic: Looking for Love, Attention and Recognition in the wrong places and from the wrong people.

Key points of today’s topic:

•Take a self-esteem inventory: you can't fix what you don't know is broken.
•Set realistic expectations.
•Be willing to adjust your own self-image for the better.
•Care about the messages that you are sending outward and subliminally.
• Don't try to mimic or live up to the negative images of others.
•Don't dress inappropriately and get rid of the foul language and rude behavior.
•Make wise decisions when shopping, if it doesn't fit or doesn't look right; let it stay on the clothes rack.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Married But Living The Single Life by Regina Weston

How many women are married to men that live as though they are single? A show of hands or a few amen's, is all that is needed for confirmation.

Why is this, I ask sincerely?

These husband expects their wives to fulfill all their wifely duties, and then some but what a husband is suppose to do, well, the handbook rules does not apply to them. They come and go as the please, and/or do what they please with no regards to what you feel or think about it. Your concerns, thoughts, when expressed go on death ears.

My question is, why get married if you want to be single, and live the life of a bachelor? When you're single you don't have to answers to a wife or a mate. But when you are married things are different, you have to answer to that person.

The reality is that people, men and women, get married for many reasons. The right reasons, the wrong reasons, the selfish reasons, and self-serving reasons. People need to be honest with who they really are and what they want in a relationship and a marriage and stop selling pipe dreams filled with nothing but smoke and mirrors.

For the ladies that want to be married be careful before you say, "I Do." If reds flags are flashing before your eyes before you're married to that man, pay attention to them. Don't ignore them! Warnings do come before destruction. The key words for today are "Thinking, before you leap into a forever contract."

When two people join in a union that is to death do you part, love, mutual respect for each other's thoughts and feelings, trust and communication should be at the forefront of the mind and intent of the hearts of those individuals. And if you're dating someone that is selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, controlling, those characteristic don't change after saying, I Do, things get more intense because now this person feels that you have to accept what they do or how they act.   

Marry what you willing to deal with is my advice to you. If you know how someone is, don't complain about what you already knew after the fact. The only one you have the power to change is yourself. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015