Monday, April 11, 2016

Super Woman Is Dead by Regina Weston

Super Woman Is Dead

Who told us (women) that we have to be everything to everybody? I'm exhausted with the notion that women have to be Super Woman because we don't. Women are treated as if our wants and desires don't matter. Stop it, we matter too! Women, life for you should not have to stop because you got married. Trust me, when I tell you that men don't stop living because they get married. They still hang out with their boys. They still play their sports and watch it all day when possible. And when your children get to a certain age, most of them gravitate to their friends and don't want you around and all up in their business.

Those are just a few examples; the point of this article is that you have to establish balance in your life. As I so often say, you matter, self-matters. Please don't lose yourself trying to be everything to everybody. It's alright to say no, or I will have to think about it before saying yes to everything. Don't let life pass you by, live a little, smell the roses and breathe in the fresh air while you still can. Don't get old and reflect on your life and began to live in regret because you gave your all to others and lost yourself in the process. 

It's a simple message but important one lady's. Take time out for yourself, a spa date, a movie, a dinner, a vacation with your girlfriends, do something were you're the sole benefactor. You deserve it and be unapologetic about it too! 

Stop comparing yourself to other people!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Define Your Own Worth

A letter to my sister's, let me start by saying you are special if not to anyone but yourself. Please don't allow a relationship to define your worth. You can do bad by yourself. Learn how to take care of yourself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially before you allow a man to come into your world thinking that he is upgrading you. It's not about what he can do for you because he may get it twisted, it's what you two can do together. He need to complement you, not act like him entering your life is doing you a favor. Ladies, please, realize that you belong to God and if a man  start treating you like property, it's time to rethink somethings. Don't get trapped into the fairy-tale land of what you think a relationship is because life can show you differently. Love you first, put you first, and always be able to walk away from something that is bringing more harm than good. Just a few nuggets to my sister because I want the best for you. Please want it for yourself.    

Don't ask why me, say, try ME!